Case study: Digital transformation and a 360 customer view

Leading Ligue 1 soccer team Olympique de Marseille looks to unite their customer data to create a memorable experience for their fans world-wide, and across channels:

Online/offline ticketing
Mobile App
Premium Content
Ecommerce Merchandise
Stadium Sales


Break down data silos, understand fans and provide a unified, personalized customer experience

Frédéric Cozic talks digital transformation, customer data, identity and why the sports club chose ReachFive's retail-leading CIAM solution in this Journal du Net article (French).


We have created an OM identity at the center of customer experience. 

Someone who is logged into the site, application or store is identified.

- OM Head of Digital Transformation


The OM Head of Digital Transformation joined ReachFive and digital agency Emakina to talk about the challenges related to identifying a customer across touchpoints while managing a complex and legacy technical infrastructure.

Webinar here (French).

Digital has been identified as a vector of acceleration to develop the club and all its main pillars, from sports performance to revenue.


Customer Uniqueness

"We are investing in data over the next two years, in order to better know our customers but also our fans (who are potential customers), with an emphasis on identifying the uniqueness of each customer...


GDPR Compliance

...And of course, within GDPR regulations."



"To do this, we are calling on a start-up that doesn't come from the football world but from the retail world, where the players are very strong in sending personalised marketing messages, and in a industry that links digital and physical media well. The start-up is called ReachFive."

Benefits of a Customer Identity and Access Management Solution

happier customer

Happier customers

Less friction in the buying experience means less frustration, and less abandoned carts. Progressive profiling, and consent management builds the trust between brands and customers.


greater engagement

Greater engagement

Easier authentication and cross-brand navigation means more customers connected to their accounts, more data, and more opportunities to engage. 


better business results

Better business results

Authenticated customers interact more, browse more, buy more.

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