Micromania-Zing improves its customer knowledge and consumer experience with ReachFive

Paris, March 12, 2020 - Micromania-Zing, a retailer specializing in the sale of video games and Pop Culture products, has chosen ReachFive's CIAM (Customer Identity & Access Management) platform to help build their customer knowledge by encouraging customers to create accounts online via a simple and secure solution (social login).

In full compliance with GDPR, Micromania-Zing can now collect essential data to reinforce customer engagement and satisfaction, unify and centralize customer identities in a single repository and manage consents, no matter the points of contact.

Micromania-Zing initially wanted to deploy ReachFive's Social Login solution. The challenge was to simplify authentication to accelerate the customer journey, but also to collect data to improve customer data. The objective for Micromania-Zing is to use this data to identify customer preferences and feed their product strategy on the choice of licenses, especially for their new category of derivative products.

As part of the complete overhaul of its e-commerce platform, Micromania-Zing chose to integrate the CIAM platform from ReachFive to support this transition and avoid any disruption in the digital customer journey.

"We chose to integrate ReachFive's CIAM solution to offer our customers the best possible experience, by making their navigation between our different contact points (website, mobile app, etc.) smoother, while reinforcing security. We are very pleased to be able to integrate the CIAM solution with ReachFive," explains Samuel Vandamme, Director of E-commerce and Digital at Micromania-Zing.

With regard to new regulations and directives (GDPR, PSD2...), Micromania-Zing wanted to offer its customers reliable and robust authentication solutions to protect their data and facilitate the collection and management of their consents.

"Our CIAM platform provides Micromania-Zing with an innovative response to security issues related to authentication and identification and allows them to centralize all the tools needed to collect, manage and analyze customer profiles," added Jeremy Dallois, CEO of ReachFive.

In one year, the ReachFive solution has accelerated the company's digital transformation, improved the percentage of identified visitors and facilitated compliance with GDPR.

The implementation of CIAM at Micromania-Zing required close collaboration with ReachFive and extensive support. "ReachFive has been a partner that has lived up to expectations! With their support and our new e-commerce platform, we have gained in scalability, performance and speed of execution." concludes Samuel Vandamme.

About Micromania-Zing

MICROMANIA-ZING is the leading retailer of video games and Pop Culture products in France. In its network of nearly 430 stores, MICROMANIA-ZING brings together the worlds of video games and Pop Culture inspired by comic books, movies, TV series or music and now offers thousands of merchandising products in all forms: collector figurines, Toy Pop, tee-shirts, mugs, board games ... but also collectibles from the most prestigious licenses. MICROMANIA-ZING is also the first employer in the world of video games in France with more than 1500 employees. MICROMANIA-ZING belongs to the GAMESTOP group since 2008 (7 100 stores in 14 countries around the world). In more than 30 years, MICROMANIA-ZING has been able to gain the loyalty of millions of players thanks to its Megacard.

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