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The importance of identity: ReachFive

December 28, 2023
2 min

From Trustworthy Brands to the Crucial Role of Customer Identity

Since the earliest incarnations of online retail, security has been a key concern. In the early years, the establishment of secure, reliable and trusted eCommerce brands was the goal of many businesses. As the technology has become stronger and able to offer confidence to the consumer, the ground has shifted: consumers demand transactions that are both secure and convenient. As a result, identity – specifically customer identity – has become a core pillar of eCommerce.

As part of this community, ReachFive is a fully cloud-agnostic Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) SaaS platform. Deployable on any major cloud infrastructure across the globe, ReachFive manages the customer account registration and login process, profile updates, as well as their personal preferences and consents. Ensuring security, compliance and scalability, ReachFive enables customer organisations to focus on delivering the best user experience possible across all their markets and channels.


ReachFive's Strategic Integration with MACH Alliance for Best-in-Class Identity Management

Recognising the strength in numbers within the dynamic ‘martech’ landscape, and that offering choice to the end user necessitates integration with a number of highly specialised service providers, ReachFive has joined the MACH Alliance to bring best-of-breed identity management to brands and retailers worldwide.

In an age where managing customer identity sits at the heart of any successful omnichannel personalisation strategy, ReachFive has already begun working with Google Cloud to develop a seamless customer data lifecycle, going from data capture all the way to activation. Other major innovations include Identity Fraud Protection/Risk Based Authentication (IFP/RBA) that adds improves security and protection against DDoS and credential stuffing attacks for customers. This ensures users’ identities are not compromised and services don’t suffer any interruption of service.


ReachFive's Biometrics and Passkeys in Pursuit of Password-Free Security

Elsewhere, biometrics and passkeys authentication development reflects the ReachFive commitment to implement more secure methods of authentication, without the need for passwords. Driven by a goal to make user identities not only highly secure but also easily portable, these innovations are the next milestone in secure user experiences.

A key part of this evolution is guarantee that the data within the ReachFive CIAM solution can be easily and securely integrated with other platforms provided by fellow MACH Alliance members to deliver a 360 experience for their customers: one user profile, for one experience, wherever they are and however they connect.

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