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Apple Sign In. Is your app ready?

February 13, 2020
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Following Apple’s release of Sign in with Apple and iOS13, all your app must implement this new methodology.

Sign in with Apple


If you are using a third-party or social login services such as Facebook, Google (or Twitter) for app login?  You may have notice that’s Apple’s new App Store Developer Guidelines require that if your app exclusively uses a third-party or social login service to setup or authenticate the user’s primary account, the app must provide Sign in With Apple for your end-users (existing apps and app updates have until April 2020 to be compliant.)

Sign in with Apple works like Facebook, Google (or Twitter)  sign-in options, but with an important distinction. Apple does not track or profile you when you use the feature.

You can use Sign in with Apple to sign into various apps and websites quickly and easily with your existing Apple ID, so there's no need to create a login name or email address, or provide other information. Sign in with Apple is authenticated via Face ID or Touch ID, and your information is further protected with two-factor authentication.

If you don't want to share your email address with an app or service that uses Sign in with Apple, Apple has even created a "Hide My Email" feature designed to let you create a unique single-use email address for you that forwards to your real email address but doesn't reveal that email address to third-party apps or services.

You can choose to provide your email address, of course, and Sign in with Apple works on all Apple devices, on the web, and apps on Android and Windows.

Apple Sign In

Apple is requiring all App Store apps that offer Google, Facebook, or Twitter sign-in options to also provide a Sign in with Apple alternative (though there are exceptions for apps that exclusively use third-party accounts like Gmail and Tweetbot), and developers have been asked to make Sign in with Apple the first option in an effort to protect user privacy.

How can ReachFive help you?

At ReachFive, Sign In With Apple has been an out-of-the-box feature since DAY0 from Apple GA (General Availability) of IOS13 and MacOS compatible version.

Console ReachFive

Backoffice ReachFive

Offloading authentication to ReachFive means touching code when you want to make a change, not when your identity provider tells you to change it. And it means you can quickly comply with Apple’s while leveraging the benefits of Face or Touch ID and eliminate the need for other authentication methods.

ReachFive creates a modern and convenient customer experience through state-of-the-art authentication.

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