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The ROI of CIAM for Retailers

From Revenue to Cost Savings

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Digital transformation doesn’t need to be a painful marathon.


ReachFive commissioned an independent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report on their CIAM solution to find out how retailers have accelerated their transformation across channels, brands, partners and technology investments - boosting account creation and conversion rates while halving data migration time.


Adeo, the global #3 in DIY retail, and Micromania, the leading video game omnichannel retailer, share their challenges and goals in this report. Like most mid-market to large B2C organizations, they were having difficulty recognizing their customers and transforming customer data into actionable insights. They had a complex mix of legacy in-house and external solutions that was leading to friction along the customer journey, and that was difficult to scale with demand. 


Forrester Consulting measured the following benefits of ReachFive’s solution through independent and detailed customer interviews, data collection and financial analysis:



Account Creation

More revenue from better customer experience

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Return on investment

over 3 years

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$3.5 Million

Net Present Value (NPV)

Net benefits from implementing ReachFive

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3 Months

Payback Period

Fast return on investment



time saved

More efficient re-platformating of e-comm solution

"We want our customers to be able to connect, navigate, and interact with our brands and partners seamlessly."

Customer Plateform Leader, Adeo

Find out how Forrester Consulting measured 333% in ROI by downloading the full report.

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