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The hacking of OneLogin has rekindled the debate over the security of password manager

January 23, 2020
1 min
 Hacking of OneLogin

The password manager OneLogin has been recently hacked. The idea behind this type of software is to create and store passwords that are strong enough for each of the sites you use. Breaking into OneLogin enabled the hackers to collect tens of millions of passwords belonging to individuals and businesses, all in one stroke.

With millions of accounts exposed, we can only wonder whether the risk these services pose potentially outweighs the benefits they provide. The mere fact that databases of this magnitude exist presents an immeasurable opportunity for hackers, who need only to focus on a single platform.

Meanwhile, alternatives to password authentication are becoming popular. Some banks, for example, are testing voice recognition, biometric identification (digital fingerprint or retinal scan) technologies, or CIAM identity management platforms that use Single Sign-On or Social Login.

Social Login, which enables users to log into a site through their social media profile, can recognize visitors automatically and thus reduce the reliance on passwords. No more having to create and remember login information other than for your social media accounts! Added security comes into play at the time of payment, but access to the sites themselves is simple and secure.

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