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The Advantages of CIAM vs SLO

July 05, 2022
2 min

SLO and CIAM are two different ways of collecting data with different levels of security and implementation. Knowing which one to use depends mostly on the expectations a company has about data management and purpose.


Firstly, it is important to acknowledge what the two solutions are: 

The SLO represents the connectors based on the Social Logins, and therefore the connection buttons that we regularly see on the registration or connection forms.

CIAM stands for "Customer Identity and Access Management" and is a way for companies to have access to their database in order to collect, secure, analyze, authorize, unify, connect and control data.

Between the two solutions one stands out over the other, that one being CIAM

In SLO, the connectors have the advantage of allowing an easier connection and thus a faster conversion of visitors into authenticated users.

CIAM, on the other hand, is a more complete technological foundation, which in addition to SLO functionalities, offers a whole set of diverse and modern authentication methods (biometric, passwordless, One-Time Password, etc.), as well as a set of functionalities allowing to manage omnichannel interactions (store, web, etc.).

CIAM offers a complete toolbox to increase the knowledge of its customer base while offering fluid and modern experiences.

Mehdi Ben Larbi, Product Manager.

Using a CIAM tools allows to improve eight major points important to allow a good management of customer identities and data control. These eight points are: omnichannel support; consent and privacy management; fraud detection; authentication; user profile management; progressive profiling; single sign-on; and user onboarding.It is interesting and important to know what solution is better for your company's objective. To be able to change the solution, it is important to know what are the issues of the change. 

At ReachFive, the transition from SLO to CIAM is relatively simple. It's a matter of activating the other functionalities available on the platform and redirecting the flows necessary to feed the customer base, and then synchronizing the different bricks of the brand's ecosystem. To do this, it is possible to rely on the Professional Services teams, who will be able to assist customers in the process of configuring the various functionalities, as well as in the data synchronization aspects.

Jean-Christophe Bouvenet, Product Manager.

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